Meeting Minutes - August 16th, 2017

Guest Speaker Joan Lloyd spoke to us about her project, Bling’s The Thing. She makes and donates earrings to battered women’s shelters and she holds workshops (for seniors, girl scouts, etc) to teach others how to make and donate them. Joan is holding such a workshop at the Hart Library on August 28 starting at 6:00PM. She said that she finds this activity rewarding as do those who participate in the workshop. Joan has a Facebook page, Bling’s The Thing and her email address is Thank you, Joan for your presentation - please come again. Meeting Notes Next week’s meeting, August 23, will be at 5:30PM at Kirby’s. The cost is $15. per person. Hors d'Oeuvres and drinks will

Meeting Minutes - August 9th, 2017

Guest Speaker Vincent T. Dacquino is the author of Sybil Ludington, A Call to Arms. This 16 year old girl, in 1777, rode, by horseback, 40 miles to advise and summon her father’s regiment because the British were planning a raid in Connecticut and in New York. Our own female Paul Revere went on to marry a lawyer and gave birth to 6 children. This book and Sybil Ludington Ogden: Grandmother’s Story (for children) outline her life and times. Vincent told us about his research in finding this woman which presented some stumbling blocks; he believes he was successful and it is an interesting tale. To purchase these books, go to Amazon or his website, Thank you, Vincent for your p

Meeting Minutes - August 2nd, 2017

Guest Speaker Katelyn Israelski, Regional Director of the Southern Hudson Valley District Office of the NYS Comptroller’s Office was our speaker today. She explained the duties of the Comptroller and his office; he is the sole trustee of NYS Common Retirement Fund and NYS and local retirement system for public employees. The maintenance the State’s account system and administration of the State’s payroll, reviewing the State’s contracts and payments and overseeing the Justice Court Fund and Oil Spill Fund are just several of his duties. Then there are the Unclaimed Funds - $14 Billion from bank accounts, stocks, bonds, insurance proceeds and more just sitting around. Go to