Meeting Minutes - February 21st, 2018

February 27, 2018

Guest Speaker


Paula Miritello spoke about her organization, My Brother Vinny. She
founded the organization in memory of her special needs brother, who
passed away in 2000. Originally she began by simply helping anyone who
needed her help. As the organization grew, they began to focus more and
more on returning veterans. She found that Vets needed, in addition to
housing, the furniture and other household items needed to make anyplace
livable. At some point, Paula hooked up with a hotel renovation company
and now has several storage units full of furniture from various hotel chains.
The Rotarians listening to her speak were in awe of all that she does! And
it is hard to believe that she accomplishes all that she does, plus holds
down a full time job!! She told us about the My Brother Vinny walk in
April and asked for anyone to volunteer to deliver furniture any Saturday.
Rotarians are proud that a couple of years ago we did present Paula and her
organization with the Paul Harris Award.



We will have a regular lunch meeting next week, February 28th.


The Save a Life event sponsored by ASK, will be March 18th at the
Lakeland High School. They are looking for volunteers for the following
timeslots. Please let Patti know asap if you can help out:
11-12 Noon: Help with Check In
12-1 PM: Late Check In or Workshop Set Up
1:15 - 2:15: Workshop 1: Distribute & collect response surveys
2:15 - 3:15: Workshop 2: Distribute & collect response surveys
3:15 - 4:00: Breakdown of Event


PETS (President Elect Training Seminar) is coming up and the club will pay
for Diana, our President Elect to attend. She does need to register.


The Yorktown Chamber of Commerce is having a Spring Fest at the
Fireman’s Field, Sat. March 24th.

April 16th is the Bronx Rotary Club’s 100th Anniversary celebration.
April 27-28th is the District Conference with the Paul Harris Lunch held
on that Friday, the 27th.

Tom is working with Diana on a Golf Outing fundraiser which will be held
at the Putnam Golf Club on a Friday, Saturday, or Monday in June. Details
to follow.

Janet DiBenedetto, DG, will be our speaker March 21st. We need to give
her a written history of our Club. Geri has an old flier for our Club that
will be updated to give to Janet. The flier will also be added to our website
as well as printed out for events such as the Best & Wurst.

Helen B. gave a brief overview of Rotary India trip which she and David
will be departing for the end of next week.

Kudos to those who organized last week’s Valentine’s Day Lunch at the
Yorktown Nutrition Center. Everyone had a wonderful time.

This and That

Our guests today were Bob Giordano and Paula Miritello.

Happy Dollars: Many were in honor of Paula. The winner of today’s raffle
of $9 was Peter. He did not win the jackpot, which now stands at $185.

Geri’s Joke

There was an elderly man visiting a doctor for a check-up. As he was
leaving he asked the doctor if he could recommend a specialist for his
wife. “What’s wrong with her?” asked the doctor. The old man explained
that her hearing was getting so bad that it was almost embarrassing. The
doctor said he knew of several specialists that could help but he wanted the
old man to do a little test when he got home to help the doctor determine
the severity of her hearing loss. The doctor said “When you get home,
make sure your wife’s back is turned to you and ask her a question. If she
doesn’t respond walk closer and ask her again. Keep doing this until she
answers and let me know the results”.

That night when the old man opened the door of his home he could see
his wife in the kitchen preparing dinner. She was at the counter with her
back to the door. “What’s for dinner?” the old man asked. His wife did not
respond so he walks to the doorway of the kitchen and asked the questions
again. Still, he was greeted with silence. This time he walks up just behind
her and asks once again “What’s for dinner?” His wife spins around a bit
agitated and says “For the third time, Fried Chicken!!”

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